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  1. The league shall be called the Ibstock & District Pool League.

  2. Any proposed changes to the playing rules of the league must be discussed and voted upon at an AGM before they can be instigated.

  3. Any changes to the league constitution can be made by the committee without the need for a vote at an AGM, but teams must be made aware of these changes by the committee.

  4. The league shall consist of at least two divisions provided there are a minimum of 14 teams registered.

  5. League matches to be played on Thursday nights starting at 8.30pm, and matches should be played on a Thursday unless all other options have been exhausted. No frames to be commenced after 11.30 pm however, started games may finish. Any frames not started by 11.30pm will count as void and the scores achieved by 11.30pm will be the points awarded.

  6. Matches to consist of 5 singles & 2 doubles frames (scotch pairs format with alternate shots).

  7. The scoring will be as follows: 3 points for a win plus 1 point for each leg won. An additional one bonus point will be scored for any clearances off the break in 1 visit, or for a clearance in one visit by a player(s) with the first attempt if not breaking. (Not applicable in cup matches). These should be shown with a star against the players name and VERIFIED by both captains.

  8. Home team breaks in frames 1,3,5,7. Away team breaks in frames 2,4,6.

  9. Names may be entered on result card/app one at a time (home team first) unless the match is a Cup semi or final.

  10. Teams need a minimum of 4 (FOUR) players to play.

  11. If any team does not have a player ready to start at 8.30pm, the opposing side MAY claim the first frame. Further frames MAY be claimed at 10 minute intervals 8:40, 8:50 etc. Flexibility is usually applied with this rule. Once a match has started it must be continuous.

  12. Match fees to be paid by the home team.

  13. All games to be refereed. Alternate referees - away team first frame.

  14. Teams are responsible for the behaviour of their players and any complaints of un-gentlemanly conduct that are upheld by the Committee will result in a 5 point fine and possible suspension of the player(s).

  15. All players should play the game in a sporting manner and spirit.

  16. Players cannot be transferred to other teams if they have already played for their original team during that season. Special circumstances may be considered by the committee.

  17. Any team that wins a major cup or shield must return it in the condition that they received it.  If they fail to do this, they will not be allowed to register for the forthcoming season, or any season thereafter, unless they are prepared to pay for any damage caused.

  18. A committee member may visit any team registering for the league to ensure the suitability of the table and playing area. Tables must be well maintained to allow continuation in the league.

  19. The committee has the right to refuse entry into the league or continuation within the league, of individual players and teams.

  20. In the event of any team dropping out of OR being excluded from the league, all points accrued for that season – for and against - will be void.

  21. Any new team joining the League will start in the lowest division of the League for their first season. This will also apply to any team re-joining the League after an absence of more than one season.

  22. The Committee shall consist of no fewer than 5 (five) and no more than 10 (ten) members – including The Chairman.

  23. For a committee meeting to take place, a quorum of at least 50% of members must be in attendance.  Committee meetings will be held as and when necessary, throughout the season. Teams must be represented at meetings as and when requested.

  24. Committee meetings will be held as and when necessary, throughout the season. Teams must be represented at meetings as and when requested.

25. The committee will decide if an AGM is required and will notify each team accordingly.  AGM attendance is mandatory. If the captain, or his representative is not present at the AGM, the team will incur an immediate 10 point penalty for the forthcoming season.  Any other business or items wanting to be discussed at the AGM, MUST be sent in writing to the Chairman at least 7 days prior to the AGM to ensure inclusion on the agenda.  Any proposed rule change(s), MUST be sent in writing to the Chairman at least 28 days prior to the AGM to allow teams and players time for discussion. A vote will then take place at or before the AGM with each team having 1 vote. Any change(s) voted for, will generally be implemented from the beginning of the season after the one about to start.
26. The Constitution is intended to help the smooth running of the League. However, the Chairman and Committee have the right to work outside these guidelines for any matter where they feel it appropriate to do so. Their decision will be final.




  1. Players must only register for one team in the league. 

  2. No player registered with the Ibstock and District Pool League can play for 2 teams in 2 different leagues on the same night.

  3. Registration fees are currently as follows: - Team registration £35, Player registration £3 per player, Singles Knockout £3 per player, Doubles Knockout £6 per pair. All fees must be paid by the date requested on the registration forms. These fees will be reviewed by the Committee each season, and any proposed changes will be discussed and voted upon at an AGM.

  4. Any team wishing to register a new player during the season, must notify the Chairman or Registration Secretary by Facebook, WhatsApp, text or email. Payment must be made a player is eligible to play. Money to be sent by bank transfer to: - IDPL (Ibstock & District Pool League), Lloyds Bank, Sort Code 30-98-97, Account Number 80177663 with either your team or new player’s name as the reference.

  5. Teams may register new players throughout the course of the season. However, they must be registered at least 24 hours before they are eligible to play. The exception to this will be on the first game of the season, where a player can be registered up to 1 hour before the start of the match.

  6. Any team found to have played an unregistered player, mistakenly or not, will have all points accrued from that fixture deducted. The opposing team will still receive their accrued points, plus any points that the unregistered player gained. A team found to have played an unregistered player under a registered players name, will face the further punishment of the captain and/or the unregistered player being suspended from the league for the remainder of the season plus the following season.


  1. Any player registered to play in the League may enter the singles and doubles knockouts. Restrictions for having to have played several games in the previous season, have now been removed. However, the knockout competitions are strictly for players who compete in OUR League, and if the committee feel that this is being abused in any way, they have the power to exclude any individual(s).

  2. All singles & doubles Knockout games to be played BY the latest date specified by the League. Games can be played before the latest date. Otherwise, they must then be played ON the day.  Players are strongly recommended to contact their opponent to arrange a mutually suitable date to play. This should hopefully avoid any possible problems when leaving it to the last night to play.

  3. Where players in singles and doubles knockout matches play on the last available date, they must arrive at the venue by 9.00pm latest. Failure to do so puts the player(s) in default.

  4. Winners of knockout competitions should submit results via the LeagueAppLive.

  5. Any Player(s) who enter the singles and doubles competitions but fails to turn up for a fixture WITHOUT notifying their opponents and the committee, will not be allowed to enter the following seasons competition. 

  6. In both the team semi-final and the final, - ALL NAMES five singles and both doubles - must be listed on the card before the match commences. Toss to decide home/away team before filling out card.

  7. If a final or semi-final date is rearranged, the league cannot guarantee referees will be provided or that table fees met.

  8. The league will pay for any semi-finals and Finals table costs.

  9. Referees for the above matches will receive £15 each where two are in attendance. If only one attends, then that person will receive £20 per match.

  10. The league Knockout Secretary or Chairman should be informed of any difficulties in playing/arranging a match. The committee can then advise the best course of action to follow.


  1. It is the responsibility of the WINNING TEAM to ensure that the result is posted on the app.



  1. No game can be put off purely because a team has ‘key’ players unavailable. If a team can field a side of 5 registered players, then the game must take place.

  2. Games may be re-arranged with no penalty, providing 48 hours notice is given to the opposition. If less than 48 hours notice is given to postpone a game, then the opposing team can claim the game 4-0. Less than 24 hours notice, and the defaulting team will also incur a 5-point penalty.

  3. If any match has to be postponed, the game should be played within 4 weeks of the original fixture, on a date agreed by both teams. The exception to this 4-week deadline is if a match is to be played on the ‘rearranged week’ set aside in the fixtures, or on a cup knockout week where both teams are no longer involved. If possible, matches should be arranged to be played before the date on the fixture sheet. Both the Chairman (John on 07941 420982) and Fixture Secretary (Phill on 07886759428) MUST be notified if any games are postponed and re-arranged. If a team postpones a fixture giving the requisite 48 hours notice, then 3 reasonable dates should be supplied by the OPPOSING team to the DEFAULTING team, within the recommended 4 week period. The Defaulting team must then agree to one of the three dates given or forfeit the fixture where a 4-0 win will be awarded to the opposition. Once a date has be agreed for the rearranged match, if a team is then unable to fulfil the fixture again, one more attempt will be made for both sides to agree on a date. The side cancelling in this situation then must agree to one of two reasonable dates offered by the opposition or forfeit the fixture 4-0. If any agreements cannot be reached by teams when trying to rearrange games, the committee will have the final say on the matter and team will need to abide by their decision. 

  4. No game can be cancelled with 3 matches or less of the league season remaining.

  5. Under no circumstances can any league game be played after the final scheduled league games of the season. 

  6. Should a team continually fail to fulfil their fixtures, the Committee may consider excluding them from the league.

  7. If a match is in jeopardy of being played due to a team suffering from COVID-19, the committee must be informed immediately. A decision will then be made about when the match is to be played. Attention is drawn to General Rules 10 and 26.





The league will award cash prize money to all league and cup winners and runners-up, to the following value (based on the current 3 divisions): -                                                                                 

Divisional Winners = £120 (x 3)

Divisional Runners-up = £  80 (x 3)

Team Knockout Winners = £120 (x 1)

Team Knockout Runners-up = £  80 (x 1)

Doubles Knockout Winners = £  80 (x 1)

Doubles Knockout Runners-up = £  40 (x 1)

Singles Knockout Winners = £  80 (x 1)

Singles Knockout Runners-up = £  40 (x 1)

Most ‘break’ Winner = £  20 (x 1)

Best Average - Divisional Winners = £  20 (x 3)

Total   = £1120


The league will cover the cost of engraving on team winners and runners-up trophies and plaques.

Cost of replacement trophies and plaques due to general wear and tear, will also be covered by the League.


The league will cover the cost of entertainment supplied on presentation night.


Referee fees will also be met by the league – See ‘Knockout’ section, Item 9 for further details.



COMMITTEE HONORARIUMS: (Currently under review to see which will become obsolete with the app)

The following remunerations will be paid at the end of each season starting from 2022 season: -

£50.00 - Chairman

£25.00 - Treasurer

£25.00 - Knockout Secretary

£25.00 - Fixtures Secretary

£25.00 - Website Co-ordinator

£25.00 - Averages Collator

£25.00 - Registration Secretary

£25.00 - Results Secretary




Chairman / Fixtures Sec / Registration Sec
John Bray - 07941 0420982 -

James Lovatt - 07528 511315         

Knockout Sec
Phill Gamble - 07886 759428         


Kev Barker-Challis - 07465 210992

General Members

Paul McRobie -  07980 929410

Aaron Blackwell - 07799 072790


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